Oklahoma State University

Oboe Studio & Reed-Making Class

Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30 
attendance required of all students enrolled in oboe lessons

Optional additional reed assistance will be available on Thursdays from 2-3 PM, except during music department faculty meetings, which occur the first Thursday of each month.

During studio classes where orchestral excerpts have been assigned, it is expected that all oboists have practiced and listened to the major solos within the piece(s) for that week.  We will listen to the work(s) as a group and discuss the solos as a studio.  Oboe students will take turns performing the excerpts in class in order to learn them.  This process is designed to prepare students for auditions into university ensembles, summer festivals, as well as professional orchestral auditions.  Near the end of each semester, students will perform the oboe solos they have been working on over the semester as a practice run for their juries.

Reed-making class will occur during this Tuesday timeslot approximately every other week.  During reed class, students bring reeds they have made in order to receive advice on their own reed-making process.  Music majors should plan to make 3-5 reeds per week, while music minors or non-majors should plan to make 1-2 reeds per week.

A schedule of assigned music and topics for oboe studio and reed making classes will be distributed at the beginning of each semester..