Oklahoma State University


The students of the oboe studio meet with Professor Bosma from 2-3 PM on Tuesdays.  The class alternates between studio class performing, lectures, discussions, and reed making.  Topics covered in this class will remain varied so that each student will get a well-rounded education in performing, reed making, pedagogical topics and more.


During reed making classes, students are able to develop and hone their reed making skills by utilizing the studio equipment available as well as acquire feedback from Professor Bosma on how to continually improve their own reed making skills.  The development of reed making skills are vital to student oboists, and this class is able to assist students to maximize their potential in this area.


Time dedicated to studio class will give oboe students the opportunity to perform for and hear their peers.  Specific repertoire will be assigned for some classes, whereas other classes will be left open to music each individual student is currently working on.  Some studio classes are devoted to special topics including performance anxiety, approaches to taking auditions, breathing, and more. 


Students can keep up with the planned assignments and topics by checking the "Studio Events & Classes" link within the "Current Students" menu.