Oklahoma State University

Jury Requirements

Jury Requirements:

Each semester, you will be required to learn various scale and technical patterns as well as a solo piece for your jury. Your level will be determined by a combination of your scale/technical assignment proficiency and solo performance.  A performance major must achieve a level VII to graduate, a music education major must achieve a level V to graduate. 

Scale/Technical Assignments:
Level I - Major and natural minor scales with arpeggios up to three #'s and three b's.
Level II - All major and natural minor scales with arpeggios
Level III - All major, natural, harmonic and melodic minor scales with arpeggios
Level IV - Diminished and dominant chords, all keys
Level V - Major scales in thirds
Level VI - Harmonic minor scales in thirds
Level VII - Individualized technical assignment, jury solo must be memorized to acquire a Level VII

Solo Piece
Solo pieces for juries are assigned on an individual basis.  Your piece should challenge your playing ability, but also be appropriate for your individual potential as a performer each semester.  Level of repertoire performed each semester should also progress in difficulty as you progress in the degree program.