Oklahoma State University


Studio Equipment

Studio Equipment Use and Regulations:

  • All equipment will remain in Professor Bosma's office at all times.
  • Studio key may be signed out for for equipment use
  • Treat all reed-making equipment with great care, and report any issues to Professor Bosma.


Gouging equipment:

  • RDG USA gouging machine, 11  mm blade, 11 mm bed


Pre-gouging and measuring:

  • Splitter
  • Radius gauge
  • Pre-Gouger
  • Dial Micrometer


Shaper tips:

  • Caleb -1


English Horn

  • F. Lorée English horn, to be kept in assigned locker.
  • English horn may not be taken out of the music building unless approved by Professor Bosma.
  • Do not practice the English horn during large ensemble rehearsal times.
  • Please report any issues with this instrument to Professor Bosma immediately.